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The Chicken Connoisseur has done a madness to the food critic industry with his eloquently mandemized journalism on the fine cuisine chicken shops have to offer. He started off in 2015, but his channel went viral after his 6th video got shared in a few key social media platforms, racking up millions of views in a few days, leading to YouTube naming him the fastest growing channel of 2016.
With a passion for both chicken and crep, The Connoisseur has plans to transition into the crep world with a series called ‘The Crep Chronicles’, where life as a crep fiend is documented. All of his endeavours may differ from topic, but bear the cultural soundtrack of grime, “just because it bangs”.
Now partnering up with an app company, being main presenter in a TV show and his first book due to release early 2018 and future plans to enter the publishing industry among others, it’s safe to say the Chicken Connoisseur has transcended reviewing chicken shops and morphed into a cultural icon in his own right.

Food Critic

The Connoisseur makes or breaks chicken shops worldwide with his honest commentary and cutting delivery.

Crepe Fiend

Upcoming Author

With pre-orders off the charts, the Connoisseur entered the world of publishing with ‘The Pengest Munch

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